The Bilingual International School of Paris – An Overview

The Bilingual International School of Paris – An Overview
The Bilingual International School of Paris (BISP)
is a private elementary school and preschool for children between 2 and 11 years old, whose educational programme is based on dual language immersion (English and French). Following is an overview of their approach to learning and what children attending the school can benefit from.

What Is Dual Language Immersion?

BISP believes that true bilingualism is experienced, not taught. Therefore, children attending the school will be learning French and English by being taught in the two languages. In other words, bilingual immersion entails using language as a medium for instruction, rather than making it the subject of instruction.

This form of education has proven to be a highly effective approach, bringing lifelong cognitive and linguistic benefits. Through BISP’s immersion system, which places equal emphasis on both French and English, children can gain native intimacy with both languages.

Classroom Atmosphere

Unlike most schools in Paris, BISP has small class sizes, allowing for an individualised approach to each child and creating a friendly, warm, family-like atmosphere. This not only builds stronger teacher-student relationship, but also promotes better learning. Moreover, the BISP staff and teachers are dedicated to helping all children develop interpersonal skills and a healthy self-esteem, shaping them into respectful, tolerant and caring individuals who are able to express their talents confidently.

Furthermore, each new BISP student joining the classroom for the first time benefits from specific measures to support their integration into the school’s programme. Classwork and lessons are, therefore, differentiated to fit the child’s level and tend to his or her specific needs, and grading is also adapted accordingly.

Activities and Workshops

The Bilingual International School of Paris places great emphasis on enriching the school programme with creative, artistic and open-ended projects, and physical education is regarded highly as well. To help children develop into well rounded individuals, BISP includes the following activities into their curriculum: Continue reading