Advantages and disadvantages of free WordPress themes

Advantages and disadvantages of free WordPress themes
Most of the beginners from online, get to try WordPress and free WordPress themes, for so many reasons. First of all, wordpress is a great platform, that let you do various websites without any money spent.

If you search online though, you will find that premium WordPress themes are the best option. Doesn’t mean that free wordpress themes are evil. There are lots of adantages of free wordpress themes, but there are some disadvantages also.

Advantages of free WordPress themes

The first one is the obvious one: there are free. You can simply download your favorite theme and use it.  Even they are free, some of them have good support. Many developers respond to queries and stay active on forums.

Beside free wordpress themes, you can find lots of plugins, also free. There are some rules if you want to avoid spending money:

•    Download free wordpress themes only from trusted sources;
•    Try to find some security plugins;
•    Always have a backup of your website.

Disadvantages of free WordPress themes

Unfortunatly, not every free theme work properly and if you get a bad theme, you can’t solve anything for free. Free wordpress themes come with some risks, the security ones being the most dangerous.

If you decide to download a free wordpress theme, you will probably not have support and you will be on your own.

Another disadvantage is the fact that a free wordpress theme will be used by lots of people, so, your website will not be as unique as you want to be.

After all, free wordpress theme are a good solutions for your necesity for a website. They come with some risks, but if you are a newbie in online business, they are perfect. After all, when you will feel the need of a premium wordpress theme, you can buy one easly.