The Three Best Places to Find Churros in Los Angeles

professional churro making machines

The Churro Borough – 1726 N. Vermont Ave.Los Angeles, CA 90027

Some cities go cuckcoo for cupcakes, others chase chocolates like there’s no tomorrow, but in the City of Angels, Los Angeles, the prodigious population treats donuts like an item on black Friday. They can’t get enough, which is evidenced by donuts shops on every street corner.

Master-minded by pastry chef Sylvia Yoo, this mad culinary genius one-upped the donut and has done something even better: churros. Not only are they perfectly fried sugar and spice, but Ms. Yoo puts a yummy spin on them by spiraling them flat before frying, takes two disks and sandwiches ice cream in between.

For these, get there early because they run out of them quickly. Don’t worry if there’s no more ice cream sandwiches, because the professional churro machines are working hard for you, so you can try more traditional churros as well but in unique flavors like Brown Butter Cookie Sorbet, Spanish Latte, Black Forest Cheesecake Sherbet and Strawberry Buttermilk. Try the Chocolate Cookie Malt; you will not be disappointed!

Amara Chocolate & Coffee – 55 S Raymond Ave., Pasadena, CA 91105

What’s better than going to a charming, independent coffee house with friendly service for amazing chocolates, gourmet coffee and churros? Nothing. That is why Amara Chocolate & Coffee is so extraordinary! Don’t you hate when you find a place with good sweets but bad coffee?

You won’t have to worry a bit here because not only is their coffee top-notch but the churros, chocolates and Venezuelan inspired food are not too shabby either! Launched by Amara Barroeta, a former beauty queen, this South American inspired cafe serves some of the world’s premium chocolates, sourced carefully from all over the globe.

While they specialize in chocolates, you’ll be able to dip their incredible churros in the most luxurious chocolate sauces. We picked Amara for their excellent churros, even though their focus is more on chocolates and Venezuelan fare because the churros take taste and quality to the next level. When businesses embrace quality oils for frying, it shows.

Oftentimes, fried donuts including churros are ruined by the inferior quality of oil. Luckily, this isn’t the case with Amara, so we thank her profusely for diligently and masterfully selecting extremely superior ingredients and using exceptional professional churro making machines to produce some of the best churros in the city.

Churros Calientes – 11521 Santa Monica Blvd., LA, CA 90025

If you’re going to indulge in fried dough covered in sugar, it might as well be organic and as healthy as possible. At Churros Calientes, you will not only find a friendly, charming place, but you will also meet some crazy delicious churros made with fresh, quality ingredients. Continue reading