Why the food industry will need more cattle

As the world population exponentially increases from one year to the next, the food resources are becoming more and more scarce. Animal meat is one of the most basic foods out there and one that is necessary for a healthy, balanced diet. Even if some people have embraced the trend of not eating meat, with the situation in some heavily industrialized countries, even greens are becoming a commodity. There is one type of meat that is appreciated by almost all the countries in the world and for which the demand increases yearly.

The meat in question is beef or veal. Cattle have been one of the first domesticated animals in the world and both their meat and their auxiliary dairy products have been part of the human diet for millennia. In order for the world population to be sustained, cattle products are essential.

The businesses in agriculture and food industry are having a hard time offering meat and dairy, especially when the demand is increasing so fast, so they have no choice but to increase the prices and decrease the quality of their products. This helps them in turning a good profit, but it is only for a short period of time.


Long term, every supplier will have to work to improve the quality of what they offer, especially since people are gaining more and more awareness globally regarding what they should and should not eat. However, getting more high-quality animal heads and importing them is no easy task because industrialization has taken over agriculture and there aren’t as many cattle breeders as before.

Where to buy the best cattle breeds in the world

With pollution ever increasing, it is becoming increasingly harder to breed healthy cattle and to obtain high-quality meat from slaughtering them. Moreover, what these animals eat has become the subject of much-heated debate, as the pastured and the feed for cattle have suffered a decline in quality as well. However, you can still make a lot of money out of purchasing livestock and slaughtering them or using them for other purposes, such as breeding or milk farms, while still keeping your clients satisfied in regards to the quality of the food that eventually reaches their tables.

It’s all about where you purchase livestock from and what cattle breeds you are interested in buying. There are some places in the world where agriculture is still flourishing, pollution hasn’t reached worrying levels and the cattle are being bred properly, according to the highest standards of quality required by the European Union. That place is Romania.


Romania has a long and rich history of good agriculture and the cattle breeds that can be found there and that they are selling are among the best in the world. Here’s what breeds you can buy for the future of your business:

–         The Romanian Simmental, a cross between local breeds and the well-known Simmental. This is one of the best breeds  out there. It has a red color and produces high-quality meat in good amounts, while also being resistant to even the coldest temperatures.

–          Blue Belgium cattle

–          Charolais and Limousine, but in fewer numbers.

You will always be satisfied when it comes to what you will find in this country. The amount of good meat you get with such low cost will definitely give your business a boost. The best part? Romanian livestock exporters work with a lot of countries, not just those in the EU. If you are intrigued by all this information, I suggest contacting them and hearing out their offer, on